Ever had so much on your mind that you felt as if maybe your head was going to explode? We know the feeling. Exploding Head Theory is about releasing the pressure of the mind by allowing those thoughts and ideas to escape and become visual products of entertainment and art. 

Exploding Head Theory, LLC is a video production company that specializes in bringing cinematic quality to your video service needs.

Based out of Greenville, SC, we create multiple types of video production. We've produced high quality commercials both for internet and television. Music videos for a diversity of artist. Mini-documentaries that allow you to go behind the scenes of some of our local businesses. Currently we have produced a handful of short films and aim to shoot our debut feature film in February of 2017. You can view some of the work we have completed in our portfolio. 

M. CANVILLE BENNETT President/Producer/Director

A graduate of Full Sail University with more than 30 years of experience in the arts including: writing, acting, directing and producing film and advertising; live sound and laser production, and recording and performing music. He has written, produced, and directed numerous short and feature length films. 


SILAS JAMES ROWLAND President/Producer/Director 

With nearly a hundred different projects under his belt from documentaries such as “It’s Just Me” and “Madworld: Behind the Mask” to shorts such as “The Z Line” and era-piece “Dudeman”, his range of experience with a variety of genre’s and methods of storytelling have tested his abilities in nearly every aspect.